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Cracks …deep …deeper …deepest understanding

Cracks, the new threat or just old sores ?

Bio-mechanical considerations of crack prevention and restoration of posterior teeth.

The “molar lifecycle” or the “Circle of Death” whereby a small filling can eventually lead to loss of vitality or even extraction of a tooth is well known. Nevertheless, a clear strategy and guidelines on how to prevent this dramatic scenario to develop has not been proposed.

Thorough understanding of the bio-mechanical behavior of teeth, both sound and restored, on a macro- and micro-level will allow us to come forward with effective measures to save teeth and be less aggressive in our treatment proposals. A pro-active approach will be proposed, both for vital and non-vital teeth. The importance of early diagnosis, healthy strategy , effective isolation and skillful execution will be evident in this presentation.

Both the direct and indirect approach to cuspal coverage will be dealt with. Numerous issues will be adressed:  Immediate dentin sealing, deep marginal elevation, cavity design, luting. How to cummunicate with patients when dealing with cracks is the juicy cherry on the cake.